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Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

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Carlos Trejo-Pech
Assistant Professor

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

University of Tennessee
308 Morgan Hall
2621 Morgan Circle
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-4518
(865) 974-7271
(865) 974-9492 FAX


Professional Interest

  • Agribusiness Finance
  • Agricultural Economics
  • The Case Method
  • Finance



  • Ph.D., Food & Resource Economics, University of Florida
  • M.S., Finance, Mississippi State University
  • MAB, Agribusiness Management, Mississippi State University
  • B.S., Management and Finance, Universidad Panamericana at Guadalajara, Mexico
  • ABA, Farm Management, United World College Simon Bolivar, Venezuela


Selected Publications

  • Trejo-Pech, C., Weldon, R., & Gunderson, M. (2016). Earnings Management Through Specific Accruals and Discretionary Expenses: Evidence from US Agribusiness Firms. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 64(2016): 89-118.
  • Trejo-Pech, C., Gunderson, M., Backer, T., Gray, A., and Boehlje, M. (2015). Assessing cash holdings in agribusiness. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 18(4): 85-104.
  • Trejo-Pech, C., Noguera, M., & White, S. (2015). Financial ratios used by equity analysts in Mexico and stock returns. Contaduría y Administración, 60(3): 578-592.
  • Trejo-Pech, C., White, S., & Noguera, M. (2015). Financial Distress at Comercial Mexicana, 2008-2011. The Case Journal, 11(3): 287-327.
  • Arana-Coronado, J.J, & Trejo-Pech, C. (2014). El sector de la fresa en México, costos de transacción económicos y gestión de cadenas de abastecimiento. Custos e Agronegócio, 10(2): 125-155. ISSN: 1808-2882.
  • Castañeda, N., Sáinz, M.; & Trejo-Pech, C. (2013). An application of the Black – Scholes -Merton (Osborne - Samuelson) model in the Mexican Stock Exchange. IEB International Journal of Finance, 8: 132-159.
  • Zhao, Y., Trejo-Pech, C., & Weldon, R. (2013). The Profitability of the U.S. Food Supply Chain: Financial Indicators, Cross-Section and Time-Series Effects. Journal of Applied Business Research. 29(1): 23-34.
  • Trejo-Pech, C., Arellano-Sada, R., Coelho, A., & Weldon, R. (2012). Is the Baja California Mexico Wine Industry A Cluster? American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 64(2): 569-575.
  • Noguera, M. & Trejo-Pech, C. (2012). The Determinants of Cash for Latin American Firms. International Journal of Business and Finance Research. 6(1): 121-133.
  • Trejo-Pech, C., López-Reyna, C., House, L.A., & Messina, W. (2010). Appellation of Origin Status and Economic Development: A Case Study of the Mezcal Industry. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 13(2): 117-136.
  • Trejo-Pech, C., Weldon, R., House, L., & Gunderson, M. (2009). The Accrual Anomaly Financial Problem in the Food Supply Chain. Agribusiness: An International Journal, 25(4): 520-533.
  • Trejo-Pech, C., Weldon, R., & House, L. (2008). Earnings, Accruals, Cash Flows, and EBITDA for Agribusiness Firms. Agricultural Finance Review, 68(2): 301-319.
  • Trejo-Pech, C., House, L., & López-Reyna, C. (2003). Cargill Hybrid Seeds Mexico: A Case Study. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 5(3).
  • Trejo Pech, C., Coble, K.H., Hudson M.D., Barnett B.J., & House L. (2001). Real Options: Understanding the Basic Concepts. Mississippi State University Working Paper Collection, AEC Staff Report.