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The Cotton Precision Agriculture Investment Decision Aid (CPAIDA) is an interactive computerized decision aid that is designed to help you evaluate the yield gains and input savings required to pay for investment in precision farming equipment. Using partial budgeting and break-even analysis, CPAIDA allows you to develop a custom analysis of the purchase decision based on your farm situation. CPAIDA features

  • Easy point and click operation
  • Includes default input costs to serve as a starting point for the user
  • Sensitivity analysis from changing cotton and input prices

This software was developed by the Production Economics Analysis Group

Download CPAIDA

Users are encouraged to obtain current price quotes for the equipment they select rather than use default values in order to more accurately estimate equipment costs. The information provided by CPAIDA is purely educational. No responsibility is assumed for problems associated with the use of products or services mentioned. Reference to commercial products within CPAIDA does not constitute an endorsement by The University of Tennessee or Cotton Incorporated, nor does it imply discrimination against other similar products. 


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Funding provided by Cotton Incorporated


Release version 1.2 (5/21/2010). For additional information, contact James Larson, Roland Roberts or Burton English