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Home*A*Syst is a program designed to help you assess factors in your home that can affect your health, your safety, and the environment. It is completely voluntary and confidential. Home*A*Syst consists of a series of eleven factsheets for you to complete. These factsheets deal with topics like radon, lead, stormwater, and household trash--all of which are potential problems that may require your attention in order to protect your family's health. Each fact sheet begins with a simple checklist that helps you target potential problem areas immediately. Following the checklist is important information about the fact sheet topic, including ways to correct the problems you have, as well as a handy reference section listing contacts and materials for further information. Home*A*Syst is a product of University of Tennessee Extension. Contact your local Extension agent to participate.

This project is funded, in part, under an agreement with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Nonpoint Source Program, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).

For more information please contact Martha Keel