2006 Commercial Vegetable and Fruit System Training Materials

pdf files

2006 evaluations.pdf
Written comments evaluation.pdf
What it Takes to Successfully Grow and Market Organic Fruits and Vegetables.pdf
TN Pest Management.pdf
TN Organic Production Methods.pdf
Simple directions to make an eye catching farmers market stand.pdf
Resources for Organic Pest management.pdf
Organic Finding April 06.pdf
Grower Experiences - Delvin Farms.pdf
GMO.Survey Results.pdf
Fruit and Vegetable Systems Training Agenda.pdf

PowerPoint Files

TN Organic Production Methods.ppt
TN Organic Pest Management.ppt
Sec. 6 Marketing Orders and Organic.ppt
Sec. 4 Organic Market Conditions.ppt
Organic produce handling.ppt
Organic Orchard Production.06.ppt
Organic Fruit Production.ppt
Organic Fruit and Vegetable Systems Training Conference.ppt
Organic Certification.ppt
Organic Blackberry Production.ppt
NOP Presentation.ppt
New Organic Power Point 2005.ppt
Market overview.ppt
Market overview 2.ppt
Klonsky 2005 VC3.ppt
Growing and Marketing Organic Vegetables and Fruit.ppt
Fruit & Vegetable In-sevice 06.ppt

Word Documents

Dimitri and Oberholtzer CM FINAL.doc
Dobbs Draft Organic Workshop 10.05.doc
Dupuis Crop Management.doc
Duram USDA panel 05 paper.doc
Wolf Crop Management.doc
Vegetable Machinery06.doc
Siemon Transcript USDA organic workshop 10 05.doc
Recent Trends in Organic Production.doc
Harris Crop Management.doc
Yeager crop management.doc

Excel Files

Vegetable and Fruit Systems Training Evaluations May 2006.xls

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Word Perfect Files

Vegetable and Fruit Systems Training Evaluations 2006.wpd
Program Evaluation for Fruit and Vegetable Training .wpd
Overall Evaluation Results.wpd
Fruit and Vegetable Systems Training Agenda draft april 6.wpd


2005 Commercial Horticulture In-Service Training Materials