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Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

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Dr. Karen Lewis
Assistant Professor

Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics


University of Tennessee
302G Morgan Hall
2621 Morgan Circle
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-4518
(865) 974-7465
(865) 974-9492 FAX


Professional Interest

  • Livestock economics
  • Agricultural policy
  • International trade
  • Experimental economics



  • Ph.D., Business Administration (Agribusiness), Arizona State University, 2014
  • M.S., Agriculture, Food and Resource Economics, Michigan State University, 2010
  • B.S., Economics and Mathematics, Western Michigan University, 2008


Selected Publications

  • Lewis, K.E., C. Grebitus, and R. Nayga. Forthcoming. “U.S. Consumer Preferences for Imported and Genetically Modified Sugar: Examining Policy Consequentiality in a Choice Experiment.” Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics.
  • Lewis, K.E., C. Grebitus, R. Nayga. Forthcoming. “The Impact of Brand and Attention on Consumers’ Willingness to Pay: Evidence from an Eye Tracking Experiment.” Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics.
  • Lewis, K.E., C. Grebitus, G. Colson, and W. Hu. Forthcoming. “German and British Consumer Willingness to Pay for Beef Labeled with Food Safety Attributes.” Journal of Agricultural Economics.
  • Henry, G., C. Boyer, A. P. Griffith, S. A. Smith, J. A. Larson, and K. E. Lewis. 2016. “Risk and Returns of Spring- and Fall- Calving for Beef Cattle in Tennessee.” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 48(3): 257-278.
  • Lewis, K. E., A. P. Griffith, C. N. Boyer, and J. Rhinehart. (2016). “Does Pre-partum Supplemental Feed Impact Beef Cattle Profitability through Finishing?” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 48(2), 173-191.
  • Lewis, K.E.  and C. Grebitus. (2016). “Why U.S. Consumers Support Country of Origin Labeling: Examining the Impact of Ethnocentrism and Food Safety.” Journal of International  Food & Agribusiness Marketing,28(3):254-270.
  • Lewis, K.E., C. Grebitus, and R. Nayga. (2016). “The Importance of Taste in Experimental Auctions: Consumers’ Valuation of Calorie and Sweetener Labeling of Soft Drinks.” Agricultural Economics, 47:47-57.
  • Lewis, K.E. and T. G. Schmitz. (2015). “The Impact of Partial Mexican Government Ownership on U.S. and Mexican Sugar Trade.” Journal of Agribusiness, 33(1): 17-38.
  • Schmitz, T.G. and K.E. Lewis. (2015). “Impact of NAFTA on U.S. and Mexican Sugar Markets.” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics,40(3):387-404.
  • Lewis, K.E., M. R. Manfredo, I. Altman, and D. R. Sanders. (2015). “Risk Premiums and Forward Basis: Evidence from the Soybean Oil Market.” Agribusiness: an International Journal, 31(3), 388-398.