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The MANAGE Program

Financial Planning, Marketing and Stress Management Help is Available From the MANAGE Program

MANAGE was designed specifically to help Tennessee farm families carefully evaluate their individual situation and assist them in improving their quality of life. The MANAGE program is conducted by University of Tennessee Extension. Over 15,000 Tennessee farm families have participated in the intensive farm and financial planning phase of MANAGE.

Farmers across the state have benefited from the MANAGE program over the past few years. During personal interviews and through statewide surveys, these farmers have expressed their personal opinions about MANAGE. The following is a sample of the views and opinions of those who have taken advantage of the MANAGE program:

"MANAGE personnel showed a frank and sincere interest in me as a person as well as in my success in farming." Blount County farmer

"Brought to the forefront the importance of financial management shown in concrete, understandable form." Shelby County farmer "Using the joint effort of the area farm management specialist, along with the experience and knowledge of our local Extension agent, creates a powerful tool that can fit the individual needs of our operation." Monroe County farmer

MANAGE takes advantage of what you've got and makes use of it." Rutherford County farmer "I give the program credit for me farming today." Fayette County Farmer

The MANAGE program helps families analyze their total farming business so they can make informed decisions regarding their future. Staff trained in farm and financial management help families:

  • review their current financial situation
  • capitalize on strengths and reduce weaknesses in the farm business
  • develop individualized farm and financial plans
  • explore alternatives both on and off the farm
  • evaluate capital investment opportunities including land and/or machinery purchases
  • analyze likely consequences of changing the scope of enterprises
  • determine appropriate production practices

In addition to individualized farm and financial planning assistance, Extension is offering dozens of workshops and other educational programs to help farmers improve their financial situation. For example, workshops are available on a variety of topics including improved marketing, goal-setting, and strategic planning.

Although the MANAGE program will not remove uncertainty of the future, it can provide farm families with a clear understanding of their current financial situation and help them evaluate their alternatives for the future. Making informed decisions today may be the best way to prepare for tomorrow's opportunities. The educational program is offered at no cost to participating farm families in all 95 Tennessee counties. Families are not formally enrolled into the program.

To become involved or to obtain additional information,

  • contact your county Extension office or
  • call the toll-free MANAGEment Information Line at 1-800-345-0561.

The MANAGE program provides individualized and unbiased information. All financial and personal information will remain confidential.


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