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Publications - Marketing

Effects of Producer-Provided Descriptions of Feeder Cattle and Conditions of Sales on Prices on a Tennessee Video Board Sale
McLemore D., D. Drinnon, E. Rawls, and J. Campbell
Selected paper prepared for presentation at the Southern Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting, 2010

A Marketing Systems Approach to Removing Distribution Barriers Confronting Small-Volume Fruit and Vegetable Growers
Eastwood D., J. Brooker, C. Hall, E. Estes, T. Woods, J. Epperson, and F. Stegelin
Southern Cooperative Series Bulletin, 2004

A Preliminary Analysis of Internet Use for Direct Marketing by the Tennessee Food and Beverage Industry
Arguelles G., R. Collins, D. Dadakas, B.A. Perkins, H. Taylor and K. Jensen
SP98-02, The University of Tennessee, 1998

A Study of Evaluation Methods Used by State/Province Departments of Agriculture for Measuring Effectiveness of Marketing/Promotion Programs
Jensen K. and G. Pompelli
SP98-07, The University of Tennessee, 1998

Consumer Perceptions of Landscape Characteristics, Disease and Pest Problems, and the Value of Powdery Mildew Resistant Dogwood
Klingeman W. E., J. R. Brooker, D. B. Eastwood, J. B. Riley, B. K. Behe and P. Knight
Research Series 07-01, The University of Tennessee, 2001

Environmentally Certified Hardwood Products: A Study of Consumers' Perceptions to Pay
Jensen K., P. Jakus, B. English, and J. Menard
Research Series 06-02, The University of Tennessee, 2002

Export Handbook for Tennessee Agribusiness
Jensen K., G. Arguelles and B. Williams
SP98-05, The University of Tennessee, 1998

How Much Should I Charge? Applying Decision Analysis Tools to the Pricing of Flowering Dogwood Trees that are Resistant to Powdery Mildew
Gardner J. G. , D. B. Eastwood, C. R. Hall, and J. R. Brooker
Research Series 07-02, The University of Tennessee, 2002

Marketing Alternatives for Tennessee Farmers
Gerloff D. C.
PB1694, The University of Tennessee, 2001

Measuring and Assessing the Image of Retail Garden Centers
C. R. Hall
AE02-51, The University of Tennessee

The Importance of Basis in Marketing Soybeans
D. C. Gerloff
PB1736, The University of Tennessee, 2003

Trade Flows and Marketing Practices within the United States Nursery Industry: 2003
Brooker J., D. Eastwood, C. Hall and K. Morris
Southern Cooperative Series Bulletin 404, 2005

Willingness to Pay for Environmentally Certified Hardwood Products by Tennessee Consumers
Jensen K., P. Jakus, B. English, and J. Menard
Study Series No. 01-02, The University of Tennessee, 2002

Other reports can be found at Agri-Industry Modeling & Analysis Group