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UT Extension to Conduct Financial Record Keeping Workshops

The University of Tennessee Extension will be sponsoring financial record keeping workshops for nurseries and small businesses in Sparta, McMinnville, and Coalmont.  These  workshops will cover topics such as basic bookkeeping practices, payroll preparation, inventory management, invoicing and accounts receivable, accounts payable, and marketing information management.  These workshops will be held at the White County Extension Office in Sparta on August 9-11, at the TSU – Nursery Crop Research Station in McMinnville on August 16-18, and at the Grundy County Extension Office in Coalmont on August 23-25.  The time will be 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The workshop will be hands-on in nature, with each company having the use of a computer during the workshop.  This allows participants to enter  transactions and to analyze these transactions for  financial management and marketing  purposes.  Participants will receive a workbook detailing the procedures for company setup and entering the various transactions commonly used in a small business.  The record keeping software taught at the workshop will be QuickBooks Premier 2011.  This is also an opportunity for people to learn about Quickbooks Pro since both of these software programs are similar.  However, QuickBooks Premier has some advanced inventory features that can improve inventory management.  Some of the inventory features that will be discussed in the workshop are taking advance sales off inventory before an invoice is written, tracking  back orders, and the use of purchase orders.

There will be ample opportunity during the workshop for questions pertaining to particular business situations.  There will also be time during and at the end of the workshop for questions and problems regarding individual business practices.

Due to the attention given to individual companies, space will be limited and participants will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.  The cost of the workshop will be $175 per company (for one representative) and an additional $90 for a second company participant.  For further information about the White County workshop or reservations contact the White County Extension Service at (931) 836-3348, about the Warren County workshop or reservations contact the Warren County Extension Service at (931) 473-8484, or about the Grundy County workshop or reservations contact the Grundy County Extension Service at (931) 592-3971.  Payments will be refunded if workshop enrollment is not sufficient.