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Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

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Dr. Daryll E. Ray
Professor & Blasingame Chair of Excellence
Director of Agricultural Policy Analysis Center

The University of Tennessee
309A Morgan Hall
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-4519
Phone: (865) 974-7407
Fax: (865) 974-7298

Professional Interest

  • Commodity and resource policy, rural development, trade policy
  • Dr Ray is the director of the Agricultural Policy Analysis Center. He writes a weekly agricultural policy column, Policy Pennings, that appears in numerous farm weeklies. Columns, presentations and papers are available on the Agricultural Policy Analysis Center's website.


  • B.S., Iowa State, 1965
  • Ph.D., Iowa State, 1979


Selected Publications

  • Ray, Daryll E. and Harwood D. Schaffer. The Connection Between Changes in US Farm Policy in the Mid-1990s and Depressed International Crop Prices. in Effects of International Trade on the Developing Countries. Editors: Pinstrup-Andersen, et al. 2006.
  • Ray, Daryll E. and Harwood D. Schaffer. Toward a Pro-Middle Farm Policy: What Will It Take To Ensure A Promising Future for Family Farming? in Renewing an Agriculture-of-the-Middle: Situation and Strategy for the Center of the America’s Food System. Editor: Steve Stevenson, 2006.
  • Ray, Daryll E. and Harwood D. Schaffer. Supply and Stocks Management. in Extension Pamphlet Series on 2007 Farm Bill. Editor: Joe Outlaw, 2006.
  • Ray, Daryll E. Review of The Curse of American Agricultural Abundance: A Sustainable Solution. Willard W. Cochrane, University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, Nebraska, 2003, 160 pp., ISBN: 0803215290. (Book Review), Agriculture Economics. 32:1-3, 2005.
  • Ray, Daryll E. Fourth Annual Pesek Colloquim Lecture: Agricultural Policy for the Twenty-First Century and the Legacy of the Wallaces. Published lecture, Iowa State University, March 3, 2004.
  • Ray, Daryll E., Daniel G. De La Torre Ugarte and Kelly J. Tiller. Rethinking US Agricultural Policy: Changing Course to Secure Farmer Livelihoods Worldwide. Agricultural Policy Analysis Center, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee. September 2003.
  • Ray, Daryll E., M. Shahidi, and Harwood D. Schaffer, 2001. An Analytical Database of U.S. Agriculture, 1950-1999: The APAC Database”, 2001 Edition, APAC Staff Paper No. 01-1, Knoxville, TN, published June 2002.
  • Ray, Daryll E. Southern policies issues for the 2002: Legacy of the 1996 act. Published abstract, Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. 34(2):384 August 2002.
  • De La Torre Ugarte, Daniel G., Daryll E. Ray, and Kelly H. Tiller. Analysis of Farm Policy Options: National Level Results, Published abstract, Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. 34(2):382 August 2002.
  • Ray, Daryll E. Impacts of the 1996 Farm Bill Including Ad Hoc Additions. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. 33(2):245-260. August 2001.
  • Ray, Daryll E. An Examination of Potential Production Price and Income Trends under Current Policies. Invited presentation at American Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meetings, Chicago, IL, August 01, 2001. Paper published in proceedings Food and Agricultural Policies, p. 55-77, eds. Leo C. Polopolus and Carol Fountain, University of Florida.