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Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Frequently Used Tools:

Software Programs

Fencing Budgets Calculator

The Fencing Budgets Calculator, was developed as a decision aid tool to help Tennessee landowners estimating the cost of fencing their land. The calculator will assist in developing budgets for barbed wire, woven wire, HT fixed knot, HT electric, and poly fence.

Dairy Margin Protection Program Calculator

This tool will help dairy producers estimate potential payments under the new Dairy Margin Protection Program established in the Agricultural Act of 2014. The Margin Protection Program (MPP) replaces the Milk Income Loss Contract (MILC) program in the Agricultural Act of 2014.

Hay Calculator

The Hay Calculator is an Excel-based tool which can help a user evaluate the impact of improving their storage and feeding methods to reduce losses and costs.

Automatic Section Control for Planters Cost Calculator (ASCCC)

The Automatic Section Control for Planters Cost Calculator (ASCCC) is an interactive computerized decision aid that is designed to help you evaluate potential benefits of this technology and estimate the number of years it would take an investment in ASC for planters to return its original cost through the annual net cash revenue it generates.

The Beef Cattle fIRM

A tool to help maintain individual cow, bull and calf performance, sale information and inventory records.. . . .

Buy-Sell Margins Calculator

This program allows you to look at historical buy/sell margins for buy/sell periods that you select for heifers and steers. . .

Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator

is an interactive computerized decision aid designed to help growers obtain a profit-maximizing nitrogen rate recommendation. . .

Fertilizer Cost Calculator

The Fertilizer Cost Calculator is an Excel based calculator which will help you evaluate the cost of applying varying levels of fertilizer and using various products. The Calculator should be used as a tool (along with a soil test) to evaluate estimated costs per acre for fertilizer. . .


Decision aid designed to help you evaluate the yield gains and input savings required to pay for investment in precision farming equipment....


This decision aid offers cotton producers the opportunity to explore the costs and required returns from using a yield monitor for alternative variable rate technology input decisions. . .

Grain Hauling Cost Calculator

The Grain Hauling Cost Calculator was developed as a decision aid to assist Tennessee producers in estimating the cost of transporting corn, wheat, and soybeans from their farm ...


The Wood Resource Transportation Analysis System (WTRANS) is spreadsheet based program which allows wood residue users to examine. . .