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Publications - Water

A Spatial Assessment of Possible Water Quality Trading Markets in Tennessee
David C. Roberts, Christopher D. Clark, William M. Park and Burton C. English

Animal Waste Management and Tennessee Agriculture
George F. Smith

Biomonitoring Our Streams, What's It All About?
Thomas D. Byl and George F. Smith

Economic Incentives for Water Management in the Middle East and North Africa
Clifford S. Russell, Christopher D. Clark and Eric C. Schuck

Economic Instruments and Nonpoint Source Water Pollution
Clifford S. Russell and Christopher D. Clark

Farm*A*Syst Fact Sheets

Home*A*Syst Fact Sheets

Investing in Water Quality: Measuring Benefits, Costs and Risks
Clifford S.Russell, William J. Vaughan, Christopher D. Clark, Diego J. Rodriguez, and Arthur H. Darling

Making a Difference Through Environmental Stewardship

Safe Drinking Water in an Emergency
George F. Smith

Understanding Water
George F. Smith

Water Quality and You
George F. Smith